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Swan Valley Nyungah Community
Environmental Health and Housing Project 1995-1996

Mia-mia original We, the Swan Valley Nyungah Community, the last of the River People, who have never left our Homegrounds, who are the Closest Keepers of the Sacred Area of Bennett Brook the Dreaming Track of the Waugal on behalf of all Aboriginal People where we live on the Edge of the Swamp and where we have Suffered and Died all our Lives Waiting for Understanding and Co-operation and to be looked on as Human Beings, are building our Community in a way that will be an example and be of assistance to other Aboriginal communities and be a success by the Project being in the control of the Community who make the decisions
Robert & Richard protecting the land where we live by building the houses and community buildings in areas it is safe in our culture to do so, spreading seed of plants that belong there, replanting the proper trees of the area.

by having financial accountability system introduced by the Community to protect ATSIC's funding input and good name, where all payments are first authorised by Community representative and Project Manager/Builder and then checked and paid by Accountant on receiving authorisation, our Accountant's work is checked by independant Auditor, providing a third check.

our own ideas and concerns - based on our way of life and suffering and waiting for 18 years - being given to our Architects to draw up the plans using materials that are culturally suitable for the community's Project to upgrade our living conditions and our Environmental Health and Housing and our Community development facilities

by having chosen and employed our Architects ourselves and our Builder Project Manager and our Builder Assistant Project Manager ourselves and our Accountants who handle all the money,
receipts, tax, superannuation, and workers compensation etc on our instructions, and by keeping all control and decision-making in out hands

environmentally friendly and healthy waste water treatment for the existing units and abluton blocks Biocycle or Economax system to protect the people's health and the environment rather than septic tanks and this also giving us clean recycled water for watering

Dunny community support by an office; kitchen; laundry; ablutions; singlepersons accomodation; maintenance workshops so people can maintain the project machinery; equipment, tools and houses; recreation and Nyungah community meeting areas; shop; and ongoing administration and maintenance.

rammed earth for houses and community buildings to give coolness and warmth and space and fresh air and proper shelter and designed to suit Nyungah lifestyle

our own energy/power/electricity system that has not been done befor in the Southern Hemisphere using sun, wind and also exchanging power with the Western Power electricity system and using pre-paid Energy Cards for people to buy their electricity first rather than having big electricity bills (like a phone card)
cultural forms and ideas and colours and painting that comes from the land being at the core and involved in all that we are doing such as the Mia-Mia Meeting Place Mia-mia painted Mia-mia construct

our own community members selected by us Workers 1 doing the work with guidance and assistance and training from our two builders.

How the Tracking System Works
The Tracking System is a computer database used by the Office Workers to keep track of all projet information such as letters, reports, drawings, time/cost analysis or spread sheets. The database is organised so that the information can be easily found. When technical information is needed, the Community can authorise who they want to use it through computer connections. The Tracking System uses a special Network Computer that holds the databases. Community members using computers can use the database via the Network Computer. Each day, plans, costings, objectives for the project are looked at and added to. This collaboration via the computer database is good for:

making sure that things are done on time planning building projects and tracking money applying for and accounting for grants looking ahead and making decisions

Most important, the Tracking System will be used from one project to the next. What is learned from our Building Project during 1995/96 will be used to make-up and shape the databases in the computer system so that learning from the past will be used in the future.

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