9 February 1930 - 24 October 2011

Family Tributes

You broke our hearts when you passed away.
I’m sorry we wasn’t there to hug you and tell you
how much we love you.

The pain I feel of losing you, my Father, will never end.

I’m proud of what you have accomplished in your life
and I thank you for leaving behind a legacy of
photos and memories for our’s to keep.

You will live on forever through us, your children and grannies.

Free at last of pain and suffering.
We know death is forever
but we will see you again someday, My Father.

Love you always.

Your Eldest Daughter, Bella, Son-in-Law, Rob,
Grandchildren, Jamie, Shaun, Nelly


All my Love,
Your Daughter


As I stand and search the Long Lonely Country Rpads
to be forever travelling til I see your smiling face

The tears will fall as I hold you, my Father,

And as I turn I will never forget you are walking with me in Country
in my “Hart” 4 ever.

Robert Gordon Bropho Jnr
Jesse Bropho
Simone Bropho
Shannon Bropho
Recce Bropho
Geela Bropho

I’ll miss you.
No more pain and suffering.

The thought in my mind of you will live forever
in the everness of my mind.

A Strong Nyungah Man who fought for his People.
A Dad who loved his children and his Family.
The Last of his Brothers and Sisters and our loved Uncles and Aunties.
Your sons and daughters will never say goodbye.

We know you will be looking down on us up in the
Clouded Plains of Togetherness, watching us until we meet again.

The fight for the People will echo on for the People forever.

My Dad, I just can’t say goodbye Dad.
You are my Shadow, my Image,
my Soul of Life.
I Just love you, Daddy.

How! Nyungah Warrior


You was always there for your
Son and Daughters and other Family members
and anyone else that needed help.
You taught me how to help people
and give even if it was small.
I will think of all good things
that you have done.
And the Story that you told me
when we was having a yarning
time about your young Days
Those are the time that I enjoyed.

I love you and respected you
for the things you done.
I will miss you heaps.

Today we will walk with you
so far and then we will have to say goodbyes.

Always in my thoughts.
Till it’s my turn.

Denise Sambo

I love you, miss you so much.
It hurts me that I wasn’t here when you left us suddenly.

When I was in there with you, I used to visit you on Sunday, check on you, make sure you was all right.
When we used to play basketball on remand, we used to
see little fingers waving at us through a little window.
We all sneaked over and had a yarn with you through the window,
and then we got told off and they told us to move on.
When I got my visits, we used to talk about Family and what they doing,
and you talked about supporting Black Fellows.
I always listened to you.
The hardest part was leaving you at the end of our visits.
I always kissed you on the forehead and said
‘Love you Old man’ and then
I would look forward for my next visit on Sunday.

From your Son, Herbert, to a great and powerful man.
When you spoke everyone listened.
Whenever I got in trouble with the law you always was there to support me.
When I went to Fremantle Prison, first time in a man’s jail, I remember one day
I got one of my friends to write me a one page letter, asking why don’t you visit me,
don’t you worry about me, and I sent that one page letter to you and, a couple of days later, I got a big yellow envelope. When I opened it up, there was a six page letter from you telling me all these little yarns and at the end of the letter you wrote ‘You’re my son’. I love you.’ When my friend read that to me I cried.

You will always be a Father.

I will love you 4 eva.

from Herbert

My Dear Father-in-Law

You helped so many people in any way you could.
I remember when I used to go to you with a problem -
you always had time to listen to me.
That meant so much to me.
Now what we gonna do?
You was our Rock.
You had a lot of time for Louis. He’s going to miss Dad and Bella Boo.
When Louis and Bell have a fight, Bella says ‘I’m gonna tell Pop on you, Louie’.
I remember when I took Bella Boo over to see you when she was
new-born baby.
You looked at her and you said that Bella looks like Sis Kerry.
Bella Boo is going to miss growing up not knowing a great Pop.

Herbert and I will always tell her yarns about you, Dad, as she grows.
Bella will always know how great her Pop was and still is.

Love you, Dad.
forever in my heart.

Your Daughter-In-Law, Charlotte


I will miss you
because I never had a chance to say goodbye.

Dad, I thank you for what I am today,
a Proud Man to be your son.

I will always be there for you, DAD, and you will always be in my thoughts.

May God bless you.

You’re free now with Mum and Karry.



I never had a chance to get to know you as a Daughter-in-law
but the stories that people and families are saying
means so much to me.

You was a very strong man and leader.
To hear you spak at Kerry’s Funeral, you spoke through me.
You had a strong voice and spoke from your heart.

On your Journey now.

Rest In Peace
Elveena Anderson


Pop, gonna miss you a lot -
but sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to the ones that you love.

The things that will keep us going is that voice that always said ‘what now?’
when you were sitting on Margaret’s granite verandah.

Sometimes you would join us
but deep down you loved us like no other Grandfather would,
making sure we always were safe and
tell us all those yarns you used to tell us.

I thank you, my Pop, because
I learnt a lot and those are memories I’ll keep forever in my heart and always.

Until we meet again.
Your Granddaughter,


Thank you, Pop, for all things you done for us.

Most of all we’re going to miss
all those envelopes you used to send in the mail
every Christmas with each kid’s names on ‘em.

Love you always, OUR NO. 1 POP
Miss you

I think about you each day as time goes by.
I know that you are in a better place.
I will love you forever.
You always made us laugh with your jokes every time.
When we go to Margaret’s you used to say,
“Come on you fellers, what you know.”
I used to laugh.
Love you, Pop, forever.
Great Grandson Ronald


Pop, it broke my heart when u left us.
I will miss u and I love u so much, Pop.
U are in a Good Place now
with all the other Family.
U may Rest in Peace, Pop.
Your Granddaughter

So much things to say but
never have a chance to tell you face to face.
It hard but now thinking you are where we all wanna be -
standing with you in the Promised Lands -
when people tell us kids all the yarns and the Camps.
Well, one thing I can tell you -
No more pain and no more suffering.
And some day we will all be together again.


Life has been wonderful
just being around you.
You’ll always be a part of our lives forever.
We will all miss you.
Love you always, Pop.
Love from your Grandchildren
Tina & Sadie & Herbert

So much things to say
but not having a chance to tell you face-to-face
but knowing that you are in a better place
with the rest of the Family.
Don’t forget to smile down on us.
It hard now that you’re gone
but it will get more hard as the days go by.
I’m still waiting for that voice to say “Come on, let’s go home”
but now it won’t happen.
No more pain,no more suffering.
You always wanted to be free.
Well now you’re free like what you always told me -
Life is a Journey so live it to the fullest.
Wherever you go there is adventure.
Gonna miss you.
Love, Sarah

I just want to say thank you
for coming with me to accept my award for Student of the Year
and I know you were so proud of me.
I will miss you so much, Pop.
I’m so sad you’re never going to see my Baby Girl, Tiah,
and you gave her her nickname, “Sissy”.
Love you, Pop.
Will always think of you.
Joyce Bropho

I was crying when they
come and told me about you, Pop.
You was always there for us and
gave us food money when we needed t
and gave us all the love you showed us
andI love all the yarns you told us when we were babies.
Never forget you, Pop.
I know you will be watching over me.
Miss You, Pop
Peula Bropho


I wanted you to stay around until I was 30 at least.
I cry that much when I was told about your passing.
I hope you are with my Mum and all the rest of the Family members
and I know you will be looking down and watching me, Pop.
You’re my Pop.
Harold Bropho

Pop, I’ll miss you forever until my day comes when
We’ll be meeting again
and I’ll remember the Good Days I had with you
and I’ll remember the day you took me up to Geraldton
for a meeting and at the Camps when you used to tell us yarns.

I’ll always love you until
my heart stops.
Love you, Pop
Love, Herbiecat


Pop, everyone will miss you.

It will never be the same without you.

We’ll all be sad ‘til the End of Time.

I will miss you the most
because you’re my Only Pop

Louis (Lou Boy)
I love you, Pop.
Bella Boo Boo

To the Bropho Family.
Deepest Condolences.
To a well-respected man.
The Narrier & Punch Family
Rest in Peace,
Old Man
Cousin Bobby Bropho
You were a person of Great Strength.
Someone who always fought for the rights of our People.
You always spoke up and never held back.
Your biggest care was your Family and your People.

The last time we say you, you looked old and weary
but you still fought and kept fighting the Fight.

It was sad to hear that you left us.
It is sad to hear you weren’t strong enough to keep fighting.

You will live in our hearts forever, Old Cousin, Uncle and Pop.

We’ll miss you.
Love from the
Moora Mippy Mob

Who will be sadly missed.

Deepest sympathies to Bella, Robert, Mena, Harvey, Herbert and Richard andall of he’s Grandchildren.

Uncle Bobby, you were, and still are, my Special Uncle.
The reasons you were so special to me is that you are my Mother’s Younger Brother.
I will never forget the Good Times
protesting and coming out to see you and Auntyt Edna at the Camps.
You always had your Camp Fire going,
talking about the Good Old Days.
You was always there for your Family and
always believed in what was right for all the Nyoongar People.
I’ve learnt a lot from all the heartache and pain you’ve been through,
standing up for what was right.
You will be sadly missed and
I will never forget you, my Uncle.
May you Rest in Peace.

Love you always.
From your Niece,
Loma and Family

Thank you for giving me my nickname, ‘Sheoak”.
I remember all the good times we shared
when you would tell all the yarns.
I will never be the same without you now.

Will miss you.

Good bye Old Friend.
See you at the Cross Roads
when next we meet.

Gone, never forgotten.
Your legacy you leave behind -
our right to protect and exist in this, the Land of our Ancestors,
and the Power to challenge those who oppose our Rights.